Where do I find Property / Development Finance?

Are you a Property Developer and asking yourself this question?

Well The Racefields Exchange has the answer. At the Racefields Exchange we have created a platform that brings lenders and borrowers together as efficiently as possible and at the lowest possible cost. We believe that putting borrowers and lenders together in one place and allowing them direct contact cuts costs and speeds up the lending process which is a win for both sides.

A borrower can simply fill in our online application form and we list their requirements on our Exchange. Lenders can then login to the Exchange and view the deals available. They can then bid an any loan requirement they wish to lend on by submitting an offer in principle. The system is brilliant for borrowers because they can choose from the offers received. It works for lenders too as they can select which loan applications suit their lending criteria without any pressure from a broker.

At Racefields we know that loan offers are not all about interest rate, loan to value is just as important also, a lender might not insist on a guarantee from the borrower and they might accept 2nd charge security. We have lenders who will top-up development finance or will fund VAT. Some of our lenders will provide 100% development finance and some will fund development land without planning. That is the benefit of the Racefields Exchange, all the lenders can see all the loan applications. There are no exceptions.

So if you are looking for finance on your next project then Racefields is the place to start. Simply fill in our application form at
https://racefields.com/borrower-application-form/ and let the Exchange find you the lender you have been looking for.

The Racefields Exchange is FREE for all applicants submitting loan requirements on the Exchange. Contact us today to see what Racefields can do for you.