What new products are entering the Property Development Market

I have been having a look around at new products that are coming into the market for property developers used in the construction sector. As you would probably guess a lot of companies are trying to create the next eco product from bamboo concrete to bricks made of cigarette ends!

So I wanted to write a bit about the different products I have come across. I think the place to start would definitely have to be modular houses. I came across this company called Urban Splash based in Manchester. They have a range of products using the modular concept with residential and commercial. What really impressed me about this concept is that when a home owner is purchasing one of their modular homes they can select which layer they want and where. The home owner can decide if they want their bedroom at the bottom or at the top, this gives you endless possibilities to design your own home. I really think modular housing is going to become a big part in the future of property development, to cut costs and time. Isn’t that what everybody wants?

Next I want to mention a product by Durisol (www.durisoluk.com). It is a form of brick as they call it wall form unit made from woodcrete a recycled cement-bonded wood fibre material. They claim to make construction quick and easy. The pre-insulated interlocking blocks are dry stacked together to form the walls. They are then in-filled with concrete to form a monolithic structural walling system. There is no need to prop the walls during construction as the weight of the units holds them in place. This sounds like it could make life a little easier for people working in construction.

So to go back to these bricks made of cigarettes! On a yearly basis, 6 million cigarettes are manufactured and they produce 1.2 million tonnes of cigarette butt waste. The impact on the environment is tremendous. Elements such as arsenic, chromium, nickel and cadmium enter the soil and harm nature.

In order to reduce the impact of cigarette butts on the environment, researchers at RMIT developed lighter and more energy efficient bricks made of cigarette butts. In short, innovatively utilising waste in a much more eco-friendly manner. Dr. Abbas Mohajerani, the leading researcher of the project, along with his team discovered that by infusing even 1% of cigarette waste in fired-clay bricks they can have great results in removing pollution from our environment. See you know that was going to be interesting.

Technology is advancing so quickly and its not surprising that this has come into play in the construction industry with new ways to build, design and even sell and promote. I really look forward to whats to come in the future and see all these new products used in day to day building to not just help the builder but to help the environment in the process.

By Nicola Fernandes CEO Racefields Ltd