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Seed and series A funding for tech businesses is extremely hard to find - We are working on the solution

At Racefields we are building a team of like minded corporate investors who understand the great potential of investing in early stage tech businesses. Although regarded as high risk, tech is one of the only asset classes that can yield high returns in a relatively short time. Investing in tech can produce huge capital gain but it can also entertain people, give them a longer life and help save our planet along with all the other life forms that share it with us.

What we want to invest in

We want to invest in tech projects and companies operating in areas such as FinTech, BioTech, Big Data, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Renewable Energy, and any leading edge technology that promises substantial returns for our investors, the environment and society. We want to invest in people with a vision and a desire to succeed, people with a higher goal of making money whilst benefiting those around them.

Want to submit a deal to us?

If you have a pitch book ready for us, you can submit it to us below. Please fill in your details below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for submitting your deal to us.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 818 2426 or email us at mail@racefields.com

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Race With Us

Meet the team

David Gammond


David leads the team at Racefields and has been in corporate finance for over thirty years, and in the tech business for nearly forty years. Over that time he has been involved in a considerable number of projects ranging from property finance to peptide and protein prediction software, from renewable energy to supplying super-minicomputers to the manufacturing sector. He worked selling Apple computers when they launched in the UK and was involved with one of the first AI systems being developed at the time through Norsk Data’s joint venture with Racal Electronics, Racal Norsk.

Nicola Fernandes


Nicola started her career in the retail sector first on the shop floor quickly moving up to promotional origination and design.  She joined Racefields in 2010 as both a creative designer and in administration. Nicola blends high level administration with the creativity required to conceive of and then develop projects for Racefields and for our clients. She also has overall responsibility for finance and compliance. She is registered with the FCA for CF1, CF10 and CF11.

Karl Fernandes


Karl left Sunderland University with a bachelors of science degree in computer applications. He spent his early career at Flextronics where he worked on and repaired computer mother boards, hard drives and CPUs.

In 2011 Karl entered the renewable energy industry designing a database for highly distributed assets across the U.K. He also worked on remote monitoring of assets including maintenance and servicing. He was instrumental in the creation and running of a large domestic solar PV portfolio. At the end of 2018 Karl entered corporate finance focusing on tech projects and companies. In his current role he searches out potential business opportunities and matches clients with funders.

Our Advisory Panel

Phil Whoolas

Phil Woolas is a British politician and businessman based in London and Manchester. In 1997, Phil was elected as Labour MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth. He joined the Tony Blair Government in 1999 and  in 2008 he was promoted to be the Minister of State for Immigration and Treasury.

Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson is the founding partner of Prosper Capital LLP and has been involved in raising capital to support young businesses for the last 25 years. He was a founder of Dover Street Capital Limited in 2001 that raised over £60 million for film and commercial property funds.

Max Chmyshuk

Max Chmyshuk is our London-based finance professional with over 15 years’ experience across corporate and investment banking, structured finance, alternative credit, and financial technology. He has worked for organisations such as Citigroup, Gazprombank, Dresdner Kleiwort and ING.

Brian Baker

Brian Baker has over twenty-five years’ experience and involvement in the bridging and short-term property funding market both as a commercial broker and as a lender. Brian is also experienced in asset backed finance and venture debt structuring for clients.

Angus Thompson

Angus Thompson is a financial services lawyer who worked at law firms Herbert Smith, Bird & Bird and Howard Kennedy before moving in-house to Capita plc as Head of Legal for Capita’s financial services division.  He has experience of FCA regulated work both listed and unlisted as well as private equity and a diploma in EIS.

Want to know more about becoming an investor?

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