The Brexit Blockade

Like most businesses we cannot understand what on earth is going on in parliament. I voted remain, but I believe in the democratic system, the leave campaign won the vote so leave it must be. However, the spectacle of our politicians arguing and agreeing on nothing whilst they manoeuvre for position is embarrassing not the mention the damage it is doing to UK business.

We are starting to see signs that the property industry is slowing down, that is to be expected as investors what to know what sits on the other side of April 12th. A no-deal Brexit might bring the Bank of England’s prediction of a 35% price drop into reality. Personally, I cannot see a price drop of that magnitude ever happening and neither can most of the news commentators that I have read recently.

The big problem is that we don’t know what is going to happen. The property industry can deal with any scenario so long as we know what it is. That being the case how do you plan for something you cannot predict? The Brexit Blockade must be broken through within the next few days or we, as a nation, are in a lot of trouble.