Selling houses in the future

Within the next few years builders will be offering their customers houses that are 3D printed on site to the customer’s specifications. Using a large computer screen in the sales office customers will be able to design their new house using a computer aided design system. Their new home will be fully custom made.

Imagine the scene; the customer meets up with the sales advisor and over coffee they discuss the type of house, how many rooms, what the layout will look like and how the house will sit on the plot. They might also select how many floors, the size of the garage, where the renewable energy systems will be sited and what the roof line will look like. The foundations and ground services are already in place, the newly designed house only needs to “hook-up”.

The decisions made over coffee will be fed into the design computer and the system will generate a 3D virtual reality model of the house. Using 3D goggles the customer can then take a walk around their new home. The sales advisor will join them inside the virtual reality model using a second set of goggles. Together they can discuss the design and décor of the house until the customer is happy.

A final computer program is run to check for logic problems and to produce a final invoice. Payment is arranged, and a smart contract is used to conclude the sale.

One week later the house is ready, and the customer moves in. Sounds like fantasy? The technology to do this is available right now. All it will take is for an innovative builder to bring all the component parts together. That builder, whoever they are, could become the dominant force in the house building industry within five to ten years. Are you that builder?

David Gammond – Futurist – Racefields Ltd