Racefields Consultancy Division

Our focus is something we call Near Term Futurism. We seek out cutting edge technologies and methodologies which can benefit a company from today, and out to a maximum of two years. The pace of change is becoming ever faster, we work with companies to both anticipate and capitalise on change as it occurs.

We have several in-house projects which include:






The Racefields Exchange – The Exchange is a new and disruptive way of raising finance secured on property. By removing intermediaries, the Exchange brings lenders and borrowers into direct contact to do business, significantly reducing both cost and time frames.



Showrooms (houses) – We are looking at how customers purchasing a house can acquire a custom-made product delivered within a matter of days. The showroom would use virtual reality to both visualise and then design the house. Building the property would include 3D printing and the use of modular units.




Showrooms (cars) – Similar to the project above, we are looking at how cars can be designed and built to a customer’s specifications using a blank consisting of everything except the external bodywork and parts of the interior. Plastics can be 3D printed and modular units can be used to customise the dashboard, external lighting and many other parts.  






Blockchain – Often associated with Bit Coin, blockchain technology can yield considerable benefits to businesses outside of crypto currencies. Uses can include smart contracts, the transfer of information over a distributed network of workers and the raising of funds for new projects in a similar way to crowdfunding and P2P.




AI – Artificial Intelligence is certain to force massive changes onto businesses. The technology, also known as machine learning; is already driving cars, seeking out finance fraud, analysing huge data sets and predicting your buying habits. Companies ignore AI at their peril. We are seeking ways that commercially available AI systems can be used to benefit our clients by giving them an advantage over their competitors.




Climate change – There is no doubt that the planet we live on is changing due to human activity. Climate change will firstly threaten our economy, after that and if we do not alter the way we generate and use energy, climate change will threaten life as we know it. 


At Racefields we believe that the answer lies within the implementation and scaling of new and existing technologies. We were one of the pioneers of free domestic solar. Today we are seeking out new ways of generating and conserving energy at the point of use.


To discover what Racefields can offer you and your business contact us now on 0161 818 2426 or email us on mail@racefields.com