Management Consultancy

Racefields has a highly experienced team of professionals ready to provide clients with advice on corporate and financial strategy, M&A, corporate exits and fund raising, both debt and equity. Our focus is on tech projects and companies based in the UK and Europe. If you are planning to move your business forward contact our team at

Venture Partners

Using data analysis techniques we identify potential funding partners for our clients. These partners include large private companies that can provide equity finance and other resources to support tech projects and companies. Often overlooked by companies raising finance there are billions of pounds in corporate bank accounts. Our venture partner scheme provides our clients with access to this resource.

Debt Financing

The debt finance market is big and growing fast. Although we are focused on tech projects and companies we can seek out debt finance for many sectors including renewable energy and property. Our team has significant experience in raising large debt facilities for clients across the business spectrum. With a minimum of £5 million and no maximum. Contact us for your next venture debt transaction.

ESG Fund Promotion

With over 100 council pension funds in the UK it can almost impossible to pitch new investments to the right fund managers and trustees. Racefields offers a cost effective route to the decision makers within council pension funds. With low fixed pricing and no completion fees backed up with what might be the best contact list available our experts can promote your ESG Fund to this important investor group. Contact us to speak with one of our ESG Fund promoters and find out how we can pitch your fund to the right people.

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