We procure investment from local government pension funds, state backed investors, venture capitalists and private equity

Client Services

On behalf of our clients we access large pools of liquidity within public pension funds and seek investment from state backed institutions.

We also raise funding from private institutions such as GPs, Venture Capital and Private Equity firms.

Our services also include lobbying both local and national government on behalf of our clients.

Public Investor Pool

UK Local Government Pension Funds manage total assets of circa £500 billion on behalf of 6 million people. Investment officers use a wide mandate to seek out opportunities on behalf of their members.

We also seek direct support from both national and local government in terms of structural and financial on behalf of our clients.


Fund Raise Advisory

Funding rounds from £1 million upwards.

Sourcing funds from both the public and private sectors.

Local and national government.

Highly experienced team with proven results.

Limited mandates

Racefields accepts a limited number of non-competing mandates. We can raise funding for most types of enterprises that have a focus on high growth potential.

David Gammond

Phil Woolas

Nicola Fernandes

Karl Fernandes

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