We are a private investment house

providing financial and other resources

to support tech projects and companies

Angel Electric Motorcycles

We are supporting the premier on-line retailer of electric motorcycles and scooters. Using social media, data mining and quantitative analysis we locate and contact potential purchasers. Our customers can expect exceptional “at home” delivery and service.

Angel-Ai Technologies

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing fast and we are seeking ways to protect connected devices using artificial intelligence.

Our Current Projects

Biotech  – therapeutic development 

Fintech – open banking and money management API

Augmented reality – precise location 

EV vehicles – all electric taxis

Digital innovations – streaming, advertising and others

Virtual reality – sports

Renewables – Energy Conservation 

We invest

Our own funding and resources into our projects

David Gammond

Nicola Fernandes

Karl Fernandes

Paul Thompson

Angus Thompson

Phil Whoolas

Max Chmyshuk

Brian Baker

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